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LORENTZ PSk-7 Submersible Pump System for 4″ wells

Pump Systempump system PSk2-7
max. total dynamic head [m]80
max. flow rate [m³/h]128
Solar Operation: Nominal Voltage [V DC]850
Pump TypePSk2 Centrifugal Solar Pump Systems
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Product Description

PSk2 Centrifugal Solar Pump Systems

Submersible Pump Systems for 6”, 8” and 10” Wells


  • Very strong ROI against diesel powered pumping, reducing water production costs and reducing carbon footprint
  • Advanced power management techniques to deliver the most water based on the power available
  • Comprehensive inputs and outputs to provide a cost effective single unit solution
  • Wide range of pumps to closely match each application and optimize efficiency
  • Smart modular product design for simple and cost effective product repair
  • Powerful inbuilt monitoring and control features provide detailed operational information and simple access to advanced features