Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries


2V RES8 SOPzV 1380. Sunlight Tubular OPVz 1380
Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries

Cell Sunlight 6V 6RES OPzV 380 Ah (As per Data sheet)
The price is USD 460.00each Battery and Minimum Set= 12 Batteries for 24 volts
12 batteries USD $5,520, with the Battery Rack/Stand and cables
Tubular Gel Maintenance free Clear Sunlight RES 2V OPzV 1360 available at Center for Alternative Technologies, Nairobi, Kenya

SUNLIGHT RES SOPzV 1360 is an advanced energy storage solution ideal for autonomous/hybrid PV systems in residential, telecom or infrastructure installations where demand for no water refilling and long cycle life is essential.SUNLIGHT RES SOPzV 1360, Nairobi, Kenya

Enhanced valve regulated technology with electrolyte in GEL form and high performance tubular positive plates are used to produce an exceptional combination of benefits in a single battery.

Weight 553843071 kg


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