Termicol 200l Solar Water Heater closed loop



Termicol’s Range of thermosyphon units with high tanks offers energy performance climates, these systems provide DHW at the lowest possible cost.
The solar fluid used also has properties that extend the life of the system. Its corrosion inhibitors prevent damage to the primary circuit. Its use is required to maintain the warranty.

“One kit, one reference”


1 collectors
1 storage tank
1 accessories set
1 support high tank
1 set of connections storage tank collector

Termicol offers an extensive range of solar thermal energy products for all types of solutions:

– Four ranges of flat-plate solar collectors, as well as large format and roof tile-integrated systems.

– All types of support structures.

– Prefabricated systems, such as thermosyphon, forced circulation and drain-back.

– Storage tanks of all sizes and systems.

– All types of accessories for solar thermal energy installations.

– Panels and accessories for swimming pool heating systems.

Weight 5544186438 kg
Dimensions 5544172436 mm


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