Solar KERBEROS PV water heating controller 315.B




  • Recommended boiler volume: 100 – 160 litres
  • Photovoltaic panel power: approx. 1,5 kWp
  • Typical number of panels: 6 x 260 Wp
  • Recommended heater input: 2 – 2.5 kW
  • Grid heating backup: YES
  • Control: touchscreen (video)
  • Production / consumption monitoring: YES
  • Monitoring history: 10 days
  • Utilization of energy surpluses: NO
  • Input open-circuit voltage (limits): 185 – 260 V
  • MPP tracker range: 120 – 260 V
  • Maximum current: 9A
  • Maximum efficiency: 99%
  • Thermal fuse: YES electronic
  • Mains connection: 230V / 5OHz, 16A fuse
  • Ingress protection IP20

What is Kerberos ?

The SOLAR KERBEROS is a device with technology of Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking incorporated. It was developed to become a key part of photovoltaic systems primary designed for water heating as a much easier installable alternative to solar thermal systems.

The SOLAR KERBEROS system provides for maximum use of electric power generated by photovoltaic modules. It is primarily used for heating water with upmost efficiency thanks to MPP (maximum power point) tracking inverter. The device can be used with any type of water heater.

Furthermore, the SOLAR KERBEROS system is suitable for charging batteries e.g. for LED lighting or in combination with DC/AC inverter to back up the power supply of essential appliances (circulation pumps of solid fuel heaters, gas heaters, emergency lighting, etc.).The SOLAR KERBEROS control unit could be connected to a superior system using communication interface (intelligent houses, smart grids). It can work autonomously and without a power supply (stand alone system).


  • High efficiency
  • Easy and cost-efficient installation
  • Efficient operation also in winter
  • Suitable for any type of water heater
  • Fully autonomous system (even at power cut)
  • Connectivity to a superior system
  • New functions extensibility
  • User-friendly


  • Water heating
  • Pump back-up
  • Charging of electro-mobile vehicles (cars, scooters, bikes)
  • Charging of electric tools
  • Electric heating
  • Security systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • LED lighting


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