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TriStar Meter-2 (TS-M-2)

Morningstar Tristar meter 2 (TS-M-2)
Morningstar Tristar meter 2 (TS-M-2)
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Self consumption 7.5 mA
42.5 mA (backlight on)

Meter weight TS-M-2 0.23 kg / 0.5 lb
Connector type RJ-11 (6-pin)
TS-M-2 cable 0.13 m / 5 in – 6 conductor
Cable temperature 60°C rating

Operating temperature –40°C to +60°C
LCD temp. rating –20°C to +70°C
Storage temperature –55°C to +85°C
Humidity rating 5 to 95 % (NC)
Tropicalization conformal coating on both sides of circuit board

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Product Description

Easy to Install
Uses standard 6 conductor RJ-11 connectors.
Both data and meterbus power flow over a
single cable.
Network supports up to 15 devices and, optionally,
more than one meter per system.

Easy to Use
Four directional pushbuttons for easy navigation
of display screens.
Backlighting to enhance readability.
Meter may be added during initial controller
installation, added as an upgrade anytime in the
future or connected temporarily for troubleshooting
and then using this same meter at other sites.

Networking Capability
Displays individual controller data from up to 15
TriStars with optional Morningstar Meterhubs.
Aggregates system data to show total charge,
load and battery charge/discharge state.
Auto detects any device found on the network.