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Phocos FR170L Solar Refrigerator/Freezer

Weight50 KG
Input Voltage12/24 V DC (nominal)
Refrigirator Range170 LITERS
External Dimensions (W x D x H)755 x 914 x 680 mm
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PHOCOS Fridge/Freezer FR170, FR240 (170/240 l) Reliable solution for solar home systems (SHS), small shops, or drugstores

Phocos offers a fridge/freezer unit with 170/240 l capacities. Due to their energy-efficient cooling concept, Phocos fridges are especially suited for solar-powered applications. The top-quality craftsmanship guarantees a long useful life. A 12-cm-thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures
• Very low energy requirement

• 12 V or 24 V DC operating voltage featuring low voltage shutoff

• Eco-friendly cooling agent (R-134a)

• Mechanical thermostat

• Easy-to-clean aluminum lining • Lockable lid

• Interior light (optional)

• High temperature resistant

• Adjustable interior temperature

• Highly efficient cooling

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Product Description

Phocos offers refrigerator units (R) and freezer units (F) with 170-l capacities.

Due to their energy-efficient coolingconcept, Phocos refrigeration devices are especially suited to solar-powered applications.

The top-quality craftsmanship guarantees a long useful life.

An 12-cm-thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures minimal thermal losses. The refrigeration system is equipped with a maintenance-free, brushless DC compressor.The patented low-frost system reduces the formation of condensation water and ice.

A drainage opening at the base simplifies the cleaning of the interior.