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Morningstar SunLight SL-20L-12V Charge Controller

Morningstar SunLight-20A Image
Morningstar SunLight-20A Image
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Rated Solar Input 10/20 A 10/20 A
Rated Load 10/20 A 10/20 A
25% Current Overload 5 min. 5 min.
Regulation Voltage:
Sealed Battery 14.1 V 28.2 V
Flooded Battery 14.4 V 28.8 V
Load Disconnect 11.7 V 23.4 V
LVD Reconnect 12.8 V 25.6 V
Temp. Comp. (mV/˚C) –27 –54
Self-consumption 8 mA 9 mA
Operating Temp. –40 to +85ºC

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Product Description

  • Using solar array voltage to determine day and night, the SunLight provides 10 different lighting control options.
  • By measuring the length of the night, the SunLight’s ON/OFF/ON options provide the capability to turn on the light at sunset, turn off the light after 3 to 6 hours, and then turn on the light again for 1 or 2 hours before sunrise.
  • The length of the night is calculated by taking a 4 night average, and thus it automatically adjusts for seasonal changes in the length of the night
  • The test button helps the installer by blinking the red LED to confirm correct selection of lighting control option, and also turns on the light for 5 minutes to verify that the light is operating correctly.Timer accuracy is within 2 seconds.