PS2 is an integrated solar water pumping system for small to medium sized applications.

PS2 provides a very efficient total solution to meet your solar water pumping needs. Whether your need is to reduce operational costs, improve water security, or be more sustainable, PS2 provides the right solution.

It can also be used as a pump Inverter. Avariable frequency drives for pump.


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MPP Tracking

Highly efficient maximum power point tracking with pump system specific algorithms.

Active power management for temperature

Automatic power management to ensure the system continues to run in even the most extreme temperature conditions. At ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) the system operates on full power and then actively manages power above that temperature.

Digital inputs

For connection of well probe, tank full, pressure switches, remote switches and ancillary switching.

Analogue inputs

For 2x 4-20mA sensors. Applications included for pressure and level monitoring and pump control.

Sun Sensor function

Sun Sensor module is supplied to measure irradiation and control the pump based on available solar energy.

Simple configuration

Simple system configuration and operational control from PumpScanner Smartphone App, for installers and customers.

Data logging

Automatic logging of all running pump data. Recording frequency is configurable with capacity for up to 10 years.

Customer display

Simple LED display to indicate system status.

Water meter input

Pulse water meter input for accurate collection of flow data. Water sensor input For use with “wet electrodes“ when sensing water is present in pipelines.

Signal output

For controlling externally connected devices. Constant pressure and flow In-built applications to limit or to provide minimum pressure and flow. Pump control on pressure or flow Control of pump system using pressure sensors for remote control applications and pressure depended processes.

System timers

In-built timers for providing time of day or interval timing control. App enabled (included) Detailed information and configuration via PumpScanner Smartphone App. CONNECTED Local and remote monitoring and management with the LORENTZ CONNECTED infrastructure.

Liquid level monitoring

Application software included to use pressure sensors for liquid level monitoring and pump control by level.

Speed Control

Set the maximum speed of the pump for use in low yielding water sources. Variable speed Electronically controlled variable speed to allow maximum water to be pumped based on available power.

Motor control Brushless and Sensorless

ECDRIVE motor contol with gentle start, very high efficiency and no stop/start restrictions. Protection Protection against input reverse polarity, overload, motor short circuit and over temperature.


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