NGO Solar Power and Solar Water Pumping

These are some of the organisation that are actively working with Center for Alternative technologies to promote the use of solar and it’s components in their projects. We congratulate their acheivements.

NGO Country
World Vision Kenya
Oxfam Sudan
University of Nairobi Kenya
MDH – Ramada Dispensary Kenya
John Dau Foundation Kenya
German Agro Action Sudan
CCC Childrens home, Juba Sudan
German Agro Action Sudan
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Kenya
International Frendship ministry Kenya
Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative Kenya
Medecins Sans Frontieres Sudan
Nyumbani Village Kenya
Turkana Water Project Kenya
United Nations Refugee Agency Kenya
Al Huda Organisation Kenya
Ishinde Water Supply, Lutheran Melanchthon parish, Hamburg,
Faraja Orphanage Centre Kenya
Mvuleni Water Project – Tanzaniaprojektet is a Swedish company owned by Linus Dunkers Tanzania
David Sheldrick – Trust House Kenya
Milgist Trust with Voss Foundation Kenya

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