Lodge Solar Pumping Solutions

Samatian, lake Baringo, pool pump
Samatian, lake Baringo, pool pump

Many of our clients are lodges and hotels in remote areas making the best use of the benefits of solar electricity.

Access to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and animals. Ground water sources offer a cleaner and reliable supply of drinking water.

A pump system and a PV array – getting drinking water is as easy as that.


With a focus on reliability and efficiency LORENTZ has perfected unique designs for pumps, DC drives and controllers. Components are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure a long and trouble free life with low maintenance requirements and low operating costs. LORENTZ pumps are matched to local water conditions for optimum performance. Intelligent designs keep electronics above ground and the brushless DC drives match solar generators perfectly.

LORENTZ solar pumping products deliver drinking water to people and livestock economically and reliably.

We provide site analysis, system design and lifecycle management to ensure that systems will generate years of clean power.

[table td1=”#” td2=”Lodge Name” td3=”Website”]
[td1] 1 [/td1] [td2] Borana Lodge [/td2] [td3] www.borana.co.ke [/td3]
[td1] 2 [/td1] [td2] Cheli & Peacock [/td2] [td3] www.chelipeacock.com [/td3]
[td1] 3 [/td1] [td2] El Canto, Wamba [/td2] [td3] www.milgistrustkenya.com [/td3]
[td1] 4 [/td1] [td2] Elephant Pepper, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] elephantpeppercamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 5 [/td1] [td2] Joy’s Camp [/td2] [td3] joyscamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 6 [/td1] [td2] Karen Blixen, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] www.karenblixencamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 7 [/td1] [td2] Kicheche Acacia, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] kicheche.com [/td3]
[td1] 8 [/td1] [td2] Kicheche Bush Camp, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] kicheche.com [/td3]
[td1] 9 [/td1] [td2] Kilima Camp, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] www.kilimacamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 10 [/td1] [td2] Kitich Camp, Mathew’s Range [/td2] [td3] www.chelipeacock.com [/td3]
[td1] 11 [/td1] [td2] Laragai [/td2] [td3] www.borana.com [/td3]
[td1] 12 [/td1] [td2] Leleshwa camp [/td2] [td3] www.leleshwacamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 13 [/td1] [td2] Lemala Tented Camps Tanzania [/td2] [td3] www.lemalacamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 14 [/td1] [td2] Lewa House [/td2] [td3] www.lewahouse.com [/td3]
[td1] 15 [/td1] [td2] Lewa Safari Camp, Laikipia [/td2] [td3] lewasafaricamp.com [/td3]
[td1] 16 [/td1] [td2] Loisaba Kiboko Starbeds [/td2] [td3] www.loisaba.com/star_beds.php [/td3]
[td1] 17 [/td1] [td2] Loisaba Lodge, Laikipia [/td2] [td3] loisaba.com [/td3]
[td1] 18 [/td1] [td2] Mutaimayu [/td2] [td3] www.mugie.org/the-lodge [/td3]
[td1] 19 [/td1] [td2] Mugie [/td2] [td3] www.mugie.org [/td3]
[td1] 20 [/td1] [td2] Olare Orok Conservancy, Maasai Mara [/td2] [td3] www.oocmara.com [/td3]
[td1] 21 [/td1] [td2] Olarro [/td2] [td3] www.olarrokenya.com [/td3]
[td1] 22 [/td1] [td2] Ol donyo Waus lodge [/td2] [td3] get link [/td3]
[td1] 23 [/td1] [td2] The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille [/td2] [td3] www.ol-lentille.com [/td3]
[td1] 24 [/td1] [td2] Rekero Camp [/td2] [td3] rekero.asiliaafrica.com [/td3]
[td1] 25 [/td1] [td2] Samatian Island Lodge [/td2] [td3] www.samatianislandlodge.com [/td3]
[td1] 26 [/td1] [td2] Tawi Lodge, Amboseli [/td2] [td3] www.tawilodge.com [/td3]
[td1] 27 [/td1] [td2] Grumeti Group [/td2] [td3] www.lemalacamp.com [/td3]

Special Support

Year round maintenance service for all lodges: Power maintenance, Fridge and Freezer maintenance, electric fence and Solar water pumps.

Solar vs Diesel Tool


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