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Minus 40


Minus 40 enjoys a reputation for supplying rugged, reliable fridges and freezers for use in the harsh environment found in Africa.Minus 40 are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of products which provide dedicated solutions to your needs for Refrigeration, Freezing and Ice Making.

Minus 40 specialize in Ice Block plants, Vaccine refrigerators, Solar powered refrigerators, Refrigerated Trailers and Ice Flake Machines.
Minus 40 is proud to supply quality refrigeration equipment to the following industries.
Ecotourism and Leisure.
Catering and Hospitality.
Pharmaceutical and Laboratory.
Food preservation, distribution and display.

Health & Medical

In 1994 Minus 40 was requested by the S A Government, Department of Health to develop a Vaccine Refrigerator for use in Rural Clinics. This has now developed into a highly successful range of vaccine and blood fridges and freezers installed in many African markets.
To date, many thousands of B90/10/220H ice lined refrigerators have been installed in South Africa and neighbouring countries. A large number of solar powered models have been installed in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, South Sudan and Namibia.
Minus 40's medical and health solutions are not only cost effective but are highly adapted to African conditions, they are designed to operate effectively in hot and dusty conditions with little maintenance and are able to withstand the rough handling often associated with delivery to remote clinics and hospitals in rural Africa. Additionally, Minus 40 offers a cost-competitive range of mortuary cabinets and coldrooms with unique design features.