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Spectra LB 400/800

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Spectra’s LB-400/LB-800 series can provide 400 to 800 gallons per day from salt or brackish water. Want to build on a beach or bay front home with no water? No problem! Drilled a well on a site that came up brackish or salt water? No problem! Spectra Watermakers, Inc. has the solution.

The LB-400 is simple to use, easy to install, quiet, very energy efficient and it delivers 16 gallons (60 liters) of fresh water per hour. Its ideal for use in dwellings on beaches and bays where salt water or brackish water is available. The system uses a special version of the exclusive Spectra Clark Pump™ High Pressure Intensifer that has been proven for over ten years in thousands of land based and marine applications. The Spectra Clark Pump, unlike conventional systems, is a hydraulic pressure intensifier that derives its motive force for making water from a low pressure feed water source.

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