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Mobile: +254 720 635153, +254 736 099227

About Us

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What we offer

Our specialization is in the following:

  • Deep cycle Solar Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Remote Lodge Power
  • Grid Tied Power for Homes
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Solar & Wind Powered Water Pumping Solutions
  • Solar Fridges & Freezers
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Power backup systems
  • Solar Pool Water Heating and Filtration
  • RO Marine and land based water treatment systems.

Why choose us

Warranty and Service Centre:

Center for Alternative Technologies (CAT) Kenya, was incorporated in 2006 on the basis of exclusive sales distribution rights and as Service centers with the following companies:

      • Lorentz Solar Pumps - Solar water pumping and trackers, distribution and service center
      • Tripplite USA inverters - Distribution and service center
      • Sundanzer USA - Fridges and freezers, distribution and service center
      • Morningstar USA - Service center
      • Outback USA - Service center
      • Minus 40 South Africa - Fridges and freezers, distribution and service center
      • Ezinc Turkey - Solar hot water systems distribution and service center
      • Surrette Battery Canada - Batteries distribution and service center
      • Trojan Master Distribution Partner in East Africa for renewable energy batteries. Trojan Solar batteries Nairobi.
      • East Penn Manufacturing Company USA - Batteries distribution and service center. Deka Gel Batteries Nairobi
      • Spectra Water Company USA - Batteries distribution and service center
      • Fronius Sales Partner in East Africa for all Fronius Inverters and chargers, Nairobi.
      • Victron Distribution Partner in Kenya for all Victron Energy Off Grid and Solar products, Nairobi

Our Principles

Buy Local : Choose Experience and Local Warranty.

Your solar projects are long term, we know that. And this is the reason we stock for quality products for you at the best price, and with local warranty.

To honor this commitment we offer Local Solar Product Warranty to all our Dealers and Installers, End Users and Projects, because it matters for the users out there.


Work team

Choose Experience

We have been in the renewable energy business in Nairobi since 1996 and have successful completed many installations for lodges, residential homes, farms, office and hospital power backup, and village water pumping hundreds of kilometers away from Nairobi.


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